Quick doodle marking Matt Smith leaving his role as the Doctor. Hope you like!
Rebranding for Rethink Mental Illness charity. Green and silver are both colours associated with mental health and suicide so they were obvious choices, and I chose the visual style to create a more personal and approachable image for the company.
Website homepage visual created for fashion company Hoxton. Using the name (which is also a borough in London) I went for a handmade logo and visual style to go along with the rough-and-ready, fashion and music oriented area of London.
Raw Packaging work, designed for a handmade soap company. Using recycled brown packing paper, the most important message that I wanted to portray was the company being environmentally friendly, without the typical cliches and without using excessive amounts of green.
Another quick piece of work created, this time a poster for the Positive Posters Competition showing the message “Remember the Victims, Not the Shooter” based around the 2011 shootings and bombings in Oslo, Norway.
Very quickly done piece of work, a poster for the anniversary of the London Underground. 
Design brief for a interactive infographic aimed at children answering the question, How Do I Become A…? This is a screenshot from the introduction screen. Largely inspired by the work of design studio Bomboland.